Hello world – Welcome to my blog!

My first post, yay!

Seventeen years since my first trip abroad with my parents, to Cyprus and Israel, where I caught the travel bug. Some short trips in between, that kept fueling my wanderlust, until 2010.
Six years since I left Greece, my homeland.
Six years of living as an expat, studying for my masters in the UK at first and then relocating to Bahrain for 2 years, to hold my first responsible 9-5 job as a teacher in an international school. Currently living in Thailand for the second year, once more working as a teacher, in a private Thai school this time. And still, every single day, my lust for traveling the whole world grows bigger!

Niki in Thesalloniki
Zen mode in my beautiful hometown, Thessaloniki, Greece. Day-dreaming of traveling the whole world

Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures!

In these last years, my itchy feet have led me to a total of 20 countries, where I’ve seen some incredible landscapes, explored new cultures and gave my taste buds some exotic experiences. Oh, and of course I fell in love in the process, whisking my boyfriend away with me in south-east Asia with future plans to relocate once again next year.
What can I say, starting over in a new country every 1-2 years feels invigorating to me so far! The whole idea of reinventing yourself and keep growing as a person. Traveling helps tremendously with that, and I can’t see myself growing roots any time soon. The world is too big and time is too short to stay in one place, right?

I want to go everywhere!
It’s a big and beautiful world out there

Why now?

During all this time, I was always fascinated by reading travel stories of bloggers and kept flirting with the idea of starting my own blog. It would serve as my online journal, with the purpose of recording my adventures, my thoughts about traveling and life in general, and some cool photo albums for the people actually interested in seeing places (you know, instead of flooding my personal Facebook account with hundreds of photos that the majority of my friends would never actually browse!)


What’s in a name?

It’s been a week since I started brainstorming ideas about a name for my website, until I finally decided to go with “an Eternal Wanderlust“. Besides sounding romantic (I’ll always be a romantic deep within my heart, in the Renaissance context of the word), it’s a name that resonates with me perfectly! I can never see myself not being curious about this wonderful planet we live in, not wanting to meet new cultures and wander in small streets of new cities. I will always have this child-like wonder about nature and beautiful sights that we take for granted (no single sunset has ever been repeated!) and archaeological sites that blow my mind.

Milky Way
Night sky views from New Zealand

Hiking and camping give my soul a much needed rest from the fast-paced everyday life. I think modern humans are totally disconnected from nature! Our lives would be much better and less neurotic if we took the time to go offline and get back in touch with forests, beaches, mountains and rivers. Oh, and the night sky!

Breathtaking photo, eh?
Milky Way galaxy

Wanderlust of body and mind

I also use the word wanderlust in a metaphorical sense, as those who know me in real life get pretty frustrated with my wandering mind at times! I’m passionate about things like archaeology, history, astronomy and philosophy. Total bookworm here, I enjoy getting lost in the pages of books that make my imagination wander.

And lastly, if you happen to listen to metal music you probably know Metallica and Nightwish. There are 2 songs by these 2 bands that absolutely represent my nomadic soul, and are tattooed in my heart. Listen to Wanderlust by Nightwish, goosebumps! And for Metallica, you know the one I’m talking about, eh? Wherever I May Roam of course!

It is the journey that matters, the distant wanderer
Call of the wild
In me forever and ever and ever forever

Hello world – world of adventures, exploring and growth! 

So there you have it, the first step of this new exciting adventure in the blogging world. I actually kept the suggested title from WordPress (for the non-tech savvy: the blogging platform I use) because I’m a huge nerd; in my free time I’m teaching myself programming and other computer science stuff. Though I am looking forward to occupying most of my free time with growing this blog, from now on!

First post!

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PS. Shout out to those who caught the reference to one of the best movies ever: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 😉

What about you, have you ever started a project you kept postponing for years? How did it go? 

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  1. Eternal Wanderlust thought that was alternative to Emalaith wolfheart 🙂
    whatever is the name keep up travelling!

    1. Thanks for the comment, Loukas!
      You are right, my nomad heart remains the same, no matter the name 🙂

  2. Lovely blog!
    Very informative, well written and full of wit

    1. Thank you, Fleeky! Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

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